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Thu, 02 Mar 2006

Mock Client Testing as a Product Feature

Lecando's Haven product is a continuous integration and continuous testing system; it runs your tests in parallel across many different machines. This looks great for anyone who wants commercial support for their continuous integration systems as well as massively parallel testing. It looks like a great idea, and like many great products, it came out of their own need for the product.

But my favorite part was on the features page. I liked the part that said:

Haven provides an easy to use toolkit for writing tests for web applications, only limited technical knowledge is needed. Since the toolkit is JUnit based it can easily be extended to provide customized types of testing if needed.

Can easily be used to create mock client tests.

That's right folks. Enabling Mock Client Testing is now a product feature. This is a trend I like!


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I'm Not Dead Yet! JRuby Lives

Not only is it still alive, it's getting better! For those of you wanting to run Rails in a Java runtime, do not despair. Charles Nutter posted today with a JRuby Progress Updates: JRuby on Rails, IRB, and the Future.

It's a great read on several different levels. If you are porting any of the scripting languages to Java, this is a good read. I find it interesting to read about what particular operations were moved from Ruby to C and why it's so hard to duplicate some of those operations in Java.

Having a viable Ruby runtime inside of the Java VM opens up many interesting possibilities and also brings together two of the most vibrant development communities today. Here's hoping!



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