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Mon, 20 Feb 2006

Even a thief takes ten years to learn his trade

Another gem from Esther Derby's blog.

Jerry Weinberg on the AYE blog

From the post:

Jerry Weinberg finds wisdom in Japanese proverbs in this post on the AYE blog

If I were to give advice to a young professional starting out in the world, I could do no better than quote three Japanese proverbs:

We learn little from victory, much from defeat.

So, do not think in terms of Win or Lose, because you cannot always win. Think instead of Learn, for Win or Lose, you can always learn.

Even a thief takes ten years to learn his trade.

There is no quick road to success. Be prepared to persist through some hard times, and you will outlast your competitors who burn themselves out with too quick a start.

If you believe everything you read, better not read.

Take my books, and the books of others, as if they were tempting meals. Taste everything, but swallow only what tastes right to you.

Good stuff!


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Continuous Testing Conference

Jeffery Fredrick and Paul Julius, both CruiseControl committers, are hosting a weekend conference that will focus on Continuous Integration and continuous testing.

I can't attend because I'll be speaking at another conference that weekend but I thought I'd post the information here to pass the word along. It will be a chance to spend time with some very smart people who are doing a lot of the same types of testing that I've found very effective.

Invitation to Continuous Integration and Testing Soiree

It will be held in Chicago on April 7th and 8th.


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