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Mon, 06 Feb 2006

JBoss at Work Authors to be Featured at JavaRanch!

JavaRanch is featuring the great book JBoss at Work: A Practical Guide

From time to time they feature a book, host the authors on one of their forums, and give you the chance to drop in a chat, ask questions, and pick the author's brains. JavaRanch hosted Will and me last August for Ship It! and it was a blast. Lots of good questions with lots of people besides us jumping in with great answers.

I wrote a quick review of the book in December. Here's the link. It's a great introduction to the entire Java J2EE stack, from installing a JRE, setting up Ant, using XDoclet, all the way up to coding, deploying and using Web Services.

I consider it a must-read book for anyone in the Java space, but especially anyone trying to learn the area. Java covers a lot of ground these days. This book can help you come up to speed.

From the announcement:

We are thrilled to have Tom Marrs and Scott Davis on the ranch to promote their new book, "JBoss At Work". The promotion will be held in the JBoss forum which can be found here.

Participate in this week's giveaway by asking Tom and Scott a question or two and you may win a copy of their book!

The giveaway starts on Tuesday, February 7th.

The drawing will be held on Friday, February 10th.

Visit our Book Promotion page to see how to win and to see the other exciting promotions coming up.

The Book Promotion page


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