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Mon, 19 Dec 2005

Dual core Mac laptops in January

OSX has pulled the Mac line from it's traditional role as a niche operating system and positioned it for a strong run this year. I know a lot of people who've converted and aren't coming back. At the No Fluff Just Stuff software symposiums most of the presenters were on Macs. Macs just seem to be popping up everywhere as both a development platforms and desktops.

I've been waiting for the Intel versions of the Mac for my purchase though. I nearly bought a Mac Mini several times because my publisher has a very nice book rendering system that runs everywhere, but it runs more easily on a Mac. :)

However, now I'm now holding out for a Mac laptop. The rumor mill has persistently put the release for these notebooks in January, but the more recent rumors (today from from Think Secret, earlier from Mac Rumors) are saying the laptops will contain Intel's new Yonah processor and be dual core laptops.

From the Think Secret article:

Yonah's launch could mean that dual-core Yonah iBooks, at speeds of 1.5GHz, might be announced in January

Think about that for a minute. As a desktop, a dual core machine is just as responsive as a dual processor machine. That level of power will be in a laptop and it will be a Mac. It won't hang when you compile. It won't drag while you run twenty programs.

Again, OSX has converted many people in the last year. Now Macs will be on a more compatible hardware platform. And they will have the most responsive laptops on the planet.

I'll be in line when they are released. If only they were ready for Christmas!


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Lisp programming videos

Following the lead of the Ruby on Rails guys, Sven Van Caekenberghe made a Lisp turorial video.

The sight is ~really~ slow. I suspect that Sven is overloading his hosting provider. :) Be patient. It will eventually load.

From the page:

Lisp Movies: Episode 1: HTTP Client and Server My first screencast showing how to use the HTTP protocol as client and server in Common Lisp, featuring the LispWorks IDE on Mac OS X.

Remeber what Dave and Andy say about learning one new language a year? Here's another good jumping in spot. (When's the last time you learned a new technology or language just to stretch your brain and provide a fresh perspective?)



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