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Mon, 01 Aug 2005

Will and I will be on JavaRanch this week

Starting this evening Will and I will be chatting about Ship It! over at JavaRanch this week. If you've got questions or just want to see what everyone else's questions are, or you just want to heckle, drop on by! :) JavaRanch is a great community of Java developers and well worth a visit. The forums are very active with everyone from beginners to gurus participating.

Here's the mail from JavaRanch.

Looking for practical, proven advice for software development projects? Then you will want to be part of our promotion this week. Jared Richardson and Will Gwaltney, authors of "Ship It! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects" are in the Process forum this week to discuss their new book. The Process forum can be found here:


Participate in this week's giveaway by asking the authors a question or two and you may win a copy of their book!

Thanks to The Pragmatic Bookshelf for providing the books!

The giveaway start on Tuesday, August 2nd. The drawing will be held on Friday, August 5th.

Visit our Book Promotion page to see how to win and to see the other exciting promotions coming up.

The Book Promotion page: http://www.javaranch.com/bookpromo.jsp

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