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Wed, 29 Jun 2005

The Habits of Highly Effective Developers?

Here's a thought... what are the habits of the most effective developers you know? I know a handful of people that I consider really good. I'm sure you do as well. What are their habits that stand out to you?

I learned the habit of always keeping a priorized list of my work from one of these people. That idea morphed into what I now call The List.

Product design on a whiteboard is another.

Designing products from the GUI backwards.

These guys always know their toolsets. They have preferred editors and environments.

The best developers always have Source Code Management and use it often.

Never be afraid to close your door or turn someone away. Never permanently, but if you are working on a problem and you are deep in thought, or in the zone, send the visitor away.

Always keep informed about the latest technology trends and fads, but never use these new, untested technologies in your core products.

When there's a problem to be solved, these guys grab and don't let go. They don't mind working long hours to solve a problem. But they also hate working long hours for no good reason. Working long hours over time means you can't plan and are disorganized, not that are dedicated.

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